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CBHI focuses turn-key hospital projects and medical facilities right from the inception phase with its valuable client. The complexities of these types of projects require all phases to be fully and constantly synchronized. We engage in every phase of the project and turn vision & ideas of the stake holders into concrete reality. Our wide range and diversify portfolio of products, equipments, solutions and services in health care domain allows us to offer one-stop solutions. The solutions we develop for your facility will evolve as the healthcare market or your strategies change because our relationship with you is based on a straight-forward, deliberate business process that

  • Begins with planning
  • Moves to implementation
  • Provides for ongoing building system information management
  • Addresses routine and preventive maintenance and services
  • Repeats the cycle with continuous improvements

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  • Feasibility of the Medical Facilities/Hospitals
  • Designing of the Hospitals
  • Consulting, Planning and Project Development
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Construction of the Hospital
  • Interior Designing of the Facilities
  • Complete Medical Equipments of Health Facilities
  • Complete Health Care IT Solutions
  • Modernization and Renovation of Hospitals
  • Facility Management and Maintenance
  • Trainings in various discipline

We have been building solutions for

  • Patient care areas (such as patient rooms, isolation rooms, surgical suites, emergency department, and ambulatory care)
  • Professional ancillary areas (such as laboratories, radiology, and pharmacy)
  • Support operations (such as data center and central sterile supply)
  • Building system infrastructure overall (such as Digital Hospital, Construction and Low Voltage Solutions)
  • Regulatory/accreditation compliance (including building system reporting and documentation)