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WorkstationOne is a Full- featured breast imaging workstation, with an emphasis on efficient reviewing workflow and viewing Methodologies such as Tabar’s Systematic viewing masks. WorkstationOne supports IHE Mammography image Profile and the Display of CAD markers as well as GSPS Graphic Annotation.


  • Three Palm Software’s breast imaging workstation product workstationOneTM Offers a Distinctly different style of enterprise integration and interpretation workflow

  • WorkstationOneTM is a breast imaging workstation software product – includes all breast imaging functionality such as Tomosynthesis (DBT/ BTO)

  • This Mammography workstation elegant and simple interface is designed to meet the most demanding Radiologist’s Needs. World-renowned experts Guide the development of Three palms Software Products, as Medial Advisors

  • Integrated with Totoku’s ISD Technology and 3MP/ 5MP Grayscale Monitors, it Offers a Unique and cost Effective Solution For matching imaging Modality advancement

  • FDA Cleared for the use in Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis